Deshawn Goncalves is a Singer, Songwriter, & Musician from Columbus Ohio. Currently studying Music Technology & Performance at Jackson State University. His love for music grew at a young age when he began singing in the church choir as a toddler. Deshawn began to study music more passionately in high school where he joined the band, choir and learned to read music. After graduating he was able to also join Jackson State University's historic marching band. Goncalves's drive for music has opened doors and created opportunities for him to be in the right place at the right time, not only is he a 2x Apollo Theatre winner but he has sung in the presence of the iconic Pattie Labelle and played piano for B.B King's daughter. His success has not stopped there, he has since released his first single "Time is a Teacher" with the Paragon Project in 2019. One of Deshawn's biggest dreams was to be on American Idol one day and his hard work and dedication finally paid off, catch this year's Season 4 of American Idol to see how he's getting ready to shake the world!

"Music can change the world"